A library of sound scenes for evaluation of spatial audio systems.

What is it?

To evaluate different spatial audio systems a set of spatial audio scenes has been created. The aim is to develop these towards a complete library of test scenes to evaluate reproduction systems, codecs and rendering systems. The scenes are stored using a novel extension of the broadcast wave format (BWF). An initial set of files has been published. This includes different scenes in an object-based representation and their rendition into five channels. The library is open for further contributions of critical material. A software library for the use with the SoundScape Renderer is available as well.


Reference software is provided, written in Python, to allow reading and playing of the BWF files in the SAQAS dataset.


In order to use the reference player, you must first install the following:


Download, extract, and install the provided Python libraries (wave_bwf, adm_xml, and ssr_utils). Run the following command from within the library source directory to install:

sudo python install


An executable is provided in the ssr_utils library for playing the BWF files using the SoundScapeRenderer. It is used like so:

python <bwf_filename.wav>

The above will play the BWF file using the binaural renderer in SSR. To use the VBAP renderer with, for example, an ITU 5 channel loudspeaker system, run:

python --renderer=vbap --spkr_setup_file=sbsbrir-speakers-ITU5.asd <bwf_filename.wav>

The --spkr_setup_file argument provides a file specifying the loudspeaker arrangement to use. There are several example loudspeaker setup files available above. These correspond to loudspeaker positions available in the SBSBRIR dataset.

Combining With Binaural Simulation

The SAQAS dataset was released alongside a binaural impulse response dataset, SBSBRIR. It provides binaural room impulse responses measurements for simulating spatial audio reproduction systems at multiple listening positions.

The SoundScape Renderer's Binaural Room Scanning (BRS) renderer can be used in combination with the SAQAS SSR player application or another BWF player, to assess loudspeaker playback subjectively.

Note that the SAQAS SSR player and a SSR BRS simulation must be run on different machine hosts.



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