A dataset for binaural analysis and simulation of domestic loudspeaker reproduction at multiple listening positions.

What is it?

SBSBRIR is a freely-available binaural room impulse response (BRIR) dataset, measured at the University of Salford’s ITU-R BS.1116-compliant listening room. The dataset includes measurements for 12 loudspeakers, positioned at ear-height, using a head-and-torso simulator (HATS) at 15 different positions in the listening area. The HATS was rotated horizontally in 2 degree steps at each position. The dataset can be used in the subjective and objective evaluation of domestic spatial audio reproduction.

This dataset is linked to from the University of Salford Institutional Repository:



Several external software resources can be installed in order to make use of this dataset.

Simulating the University of Salford Listening Room

SoundScape Renderer's Binaural Room Scanning renderer can be run using the SBSBRIR data, using one of the provided example scenes, e.g.:

ssr-brs sbsbrir-brs-x0y0-ITU5.asd

This creates a binaural simulation of loudspeakers in the University of Salford's listening room. A head tracking system is used with the SoundScape Renderer to give dynamic BRS rendering.

Note that the impulse response files (WAVs) must be stored in the correct directory relative to the scene file. In the examples this is an a directory irs in the same parent directory as the scene file.



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